Why Use A Travel Agent

Why Use A Travel Agent?

Most would ask, “Why use a travel agent when I can coordinate it all myself?" However, the world is a big place and in order to really experience all it has to offer, expert insight is a must.  

What’s The Benefit?  

  • Your time.  No need to spend hours piecing things together, we take care of it!  We give you inside knowledge on specific destinations, activities, and great food.  We will meet with you and accommodate to your busy schedule.
  • Peace of mind.  You have a real person to help every step of the way (pre, during, and post vacation).  There’s a general misconception that using a travel agent will cost you more but we deliver the same vacation packages as many online travel providers at the same value and many times, better.  The difference?  
    • We provide you with additional perks that enhance your overall travel experience.  We offer customization and personal services tailored to your needs and preferences, such as 24/7 customer concierge during your trip.  Should you need anything during your trip or emergency coordination, you have a live customer service representative to provide support.
    • You have travel insurance options that allow you to cancel for any reason should your plans change
    • AND when planning ahead, you have the feasibility to make multiple payments over a period of time, allowing you to buy now pay later
  • A trusted source. You are not just a transaction; our livelihood is the relationship we create to be your trusted travel agent and consultant.  We are passionate about what we do and our biggest satisfaction is our customer's enjoyment and praise of their memorable trips.     

How Do I Know Who Is The Right One?

It’s just like any relationship; you just know when it is “The One”.  Everything clicks and as one of my customers said to me; “We really loved how comfortable we felt with you and your husband; therefore, we decided to go through you as our travel agent!“

As Cruise Planners - One Trip To Paradise travel agents we are continuously raising the bar to deliver an amazing and seamless travel experience for you.  This world is an ever changing environment where travel destinations, services/ products and customers' preferences are constantly changing.  

  • We always seek customer feedback to understand your travel style and choices
  • We are continuously visiting and experiencing destinations that truly set themselves apart from the mass to provide an exclusive and unique experience
  • We offer price match services for many popular travel packages
  • We participate in travel conferences, on-going training seminars and events to stay in the know on the latest travel industry news and changes. 
  • We foster good standing relationships with our travel providers and engage in value add travel consortiums and certifications.

All this and more, allows us to give you, our valued customer, optimal service and benefits.  We will help you navigate this maze called earth so you are well prepared for an amazing travel experience.

Just a bit of advice on getting your PASSPORT

It has been quite some time since I actually applied for my passport, however, when I helped my mother renew hers last year, it took about 3 weeks to process via their standard process.  I was very impressed to say the least.  Also, a friend of mine had a similar experience when he and his family applied for their passports for the first time last year, quick to process.

If you go to http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english.html, it states 4-6 weeks for routine processing.  Based on this and previous experience I went on the assumption that it would probably take maybe 4 weeks to get my sons' passports.  I thought to myself, no need to expedite, our trip is 8 weeks out. 

Well, let’s just say, don’t assume history will repeat itself.  It was 2 weeks prior to my vacation and still no passports.  I called the passport center and asked to expedite, the response was "we’ll put in a request but not guaranteed".  About a 1 week and ½ before my trip, checked online and passports were still processing but in final stages.  I called the passport center again and was given a tracking number.  I checked online immediately, they had shipped and were en route.  I was tracking the movement of these highly valuable documents every day until it finally arrived at the local post office and was out for delivery.  That day, I called my mother at home and asked her to stay close to the door and window and keep a look out for the mail man.  I kept calling every so often to see if they had delivered yet.  When she told me that the passports had arrived, I breathed with much relief but I was not going to celebrate until I had them in my hands.  I jetted home that afternoon with much anxiety to open the mail.  I got home, opened my priority packages and it was like I had won the lottery, the passports were in my hand!  I could finally be excited about going on our vacation in approximately 1 week. 

Moral of the story, when you apply for your passport, plan on the longer expected time they give you and build in about a week to allow for it to arrive via mail.  In my case, 6 weeks to process plus one week to ship via mail, totaling 7 weeks from the time I applied to the time I received it.  Better yet, why wait until you have a trip or vacation planned, a passport is a convenient necessity that you should have before you even start planning.

Paudy Carolina - Travel Advisor / Owner at One Trip To Paradise

Traveling Local in Louisville Kentucky 6/27/2015

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Louisville, KY with my family.  We stayed at the Hilton Seelbach Hotel.  Although a short stay, I definitely enjoyed the city’s ambiance and Hotel’s service.  Here are some of my favorite experiences.

    The Hilton Seelbach had great service.  The valet staff was very impressive.  They were always courteous, attentive and helpful.  I would definitely recommend valet parking here.  Also, the hotel is in a prime location, close to many restaurants and shops.

    The downtown area is walking friendly, thus you can get to many places by foot if you enjoy a city stroll.

    We took a trip to the historic Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby.  It was very easy to get to from our hotel.  Definitely a neat experience while you are there but more suited for adults.

I can tell you that I will be planning more frequent visits there again to experience more of the downtown scenery and night life such as the famous 4th Street Live.

Travel & Technology

Two of my favorite experiences.  They compliment each other wonderfully and at the same time bring such harmony when completely separated.  I am always looking into the latest gadget, app or software that helps my personal likes be more creative and effective. I also enjoy a relaxing getaway where I can completely unplug from all technology, take in the pure sounds of nature and gaze at the beauty of my surroundings.  

My must travel gadgets consist of my iPhone, set of BOSE earphones and a great travel bag with an external compartment to ease the storage and retrieval of my phone, passport and boarding pass.  My favorite surrounding to gaze at…the white sand beaches, blue turquoise waters and lush green mountains of the caribbean islands!  What is your favorite travel gadget, and where is your favorite destination to relax, unplug and just take it all in?

Paudy Carolina - Travel Advisor / Owner at One Trip To Paradise